Monday, September 17, 2012


Fashionshow by 'De Bijenkorf'
 Azzuro's FNO Wheel Of Fortune
Petra Heyboer, our Dutch Anna Piaggi

Here it is, the Vogue’s Fashion night out post. And what a night it was! Amazed by all the effort put in we rushed ourselves to our first choice: Nail foil at Mulberry. Saw some amazing results, but because of the long line we decided to have a closer look at the other stores in the PC Hooftstraat, the famous shopping street with all big brands. Obviously we had to enter the Chanel Store, with pink Champagne served by hot waiters. We had a great time socializing with the staff, showing us all the beautiful products, but we had more to do. So there we went, on to the next stores! By the way, everyone was wearing stunning outfits, all glammed up with jewellery and other accessories. Literally each store had done their best decorating in a chique fashion way, serving macarons and cocktails. Of course we couldn't miss the events in the new Conservatorium Hotel. We tried some nice perfumes at Skins Cosmetics, a shop-in-Hotel with top of the bill skincare. You name it, they have it, from fragrances to cosmetics! We heared about a wheel of fortune with goody bags so hushed back to the PC to get our tickets. An edgy dragqueen personally handed them and we couldn't wait for this to start! We still had an hour so we decided to go to De Bijenkorf. We took one of the brand new Mercedeses, and were driven as fast as possible to our next goal. There was this DJ playing music, what made almost the whole first floor dance. When we checked out the second floor there was this vintage store, with Christian Louboutins, Miu Miu bags and a lot more. By the time we tried a few items on, we saw we didnt had much time left, so we decided to go back to the lottery. On our way back we passed Het Stedelijk Museum, where the Dutch famous designer duo Victor & Rolf were, posing with all they're fans. Arrived at the lottery we were full of excitement, but sadly no price for us. Although we didn’t win, we had a blast and can’t wait for the next year’s edition to come! You’ve got to just: VOGUE!

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