Thursday, September 20, 2012


Sometimes I'm months from home, traveling around for my work. I love it, seeing new city's, meeting new people and of course the shopping! At the beginning of the summer, it was around 28 degrees, my boyfriend and I were in a huge mall in Hong Kong. I spotted this lovely cozy sweater, which I really wanted. My boyfriend instantley replied: 'You don't need it, the summer just started!' Clearly he didn't understand. 'I do, this is one of the items I need for my ultimate closet which is getting fuller and fuller at home.' That's how I got the idea to make this post. Now and then there will be posts about must-haves for the ultimate closet (TUC). Every womens (and probably also mens) dream. If I have to describe my style it depends on my mood. There aren't a lot of things I don't like. Cute flowerprinted dresses with spruce sandals, or the opposite: leather leggings with killer heels. Eventually you will see this style, but first the focus is on must-have basics. This will be the beginning of creating your TUC!


  1. I have such a tiny little wardrobe, I'd love a walk in one where you have all your clothes on view! Beautiful!

  2. I wish I could design and decorate a room for clothes, but this is not an option...


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